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Here are 5 tips to help choose which pictures you should post on a dating site that we obtained during discussions with users of one of the world’s leading dating sites with 20 Mario Hezonja Jersey ,000,000+ real members (HotLoveKiss), professional photographers and online seduction experts.

1. Lively pictures

The purpose of the picture is to see what you look like, but it can also give an impression of who you are and what your interests are (which could encourage someone to contact you if you have things in common). “Publish a photo that shows all the things you love” says Cherie Burbach, author of ‘At The Coffee Shop’ and ‘internet dating is not like ordering a pizza’. If you love reading novels for example, you do not have to choose a picture “in action” Marreese Speights Jersey , but you can still choose a picture of yourself in a library or in your room with books in the background.

2. Recent photos

Seriously, your partner will notice right away the difference between the picture on your profile and what you look like during the first encounter. Be honest about who you are and what you look like. If you start with false impressions, you’re wasting your time! Experts all agree to say that if you lie on your profile to impress and expect the first meeting to show who you really are, your date will probably feel disappointed and angry. So be confident in yourself and introduce yourself honestly from the very beginning to start the relationship in a climate of trust and confidence. Before you post a photo, ask yourself: “If I met someone for a drink now, is-it what I would look like?” It will help you choose the right pictures to upload on your profile.

3. You are single

“I lost count of how many photos I found with the ex-girlfriend or some other woman somewhere on the picture … this is stupid” said a female user of HotLoveKiss. “I also wonder why so many people imagine it’s good to show yourself with a bunch of pretty girls … Hello guys! Do-you think it’s attractive to other girls? These men should remember that women are browsing through their pages Arron Afflalo Jersey , not other guys! “. Another important reason not to post a picture with a current or ex-girlfriend is that you really don’t want to have to answer questions about it before the first time together. Would you really want to talk about your break up before you even have had the chance to spend an evening with someone?

4. Casual photos

A photo … a little classy to show that you are clean and formal (like your cousin’s wedding or a gala event), it looks good. But for most of your pictures, you must have that feeling of “good time spent with friends”. In other words, you need to show that you’re enjoying life and be perceived as someone a woman would want to be around.

If necessary, arrange a ride with a friend and take some pictures where you have fun. Make original stuff. And to make these pictures look good, do not take these photos too seriously – enjoy! The aim is to show who you are.

5. Photos – not one …

If you only post 1 picture on your profile Jonathan Isaac Jersey , most visitors will not think they have a full view of who you are (even if it’s a good one). The minimum is two pictures. You must have a photo taken at close range, because if you post only random low quality pictures of yourself, you’ll have less answers.

For more advice on how to be successful on online dating sites, I highly recommend that you download this FREE online seduction guide.


Winning and having success in life may not be easy. But it is not as difficult as you thought. It fact, it’s easy as long as you put in the effort and put things into actions. If I would to choose just 3 factors that determine success in life, it will be consistency Jason Williams Jersey , focus, and passion.

Consistency – Say no to Procrasinations
Having goals is good and essential, but there are always many steps to take before you reach your final goals. As a result, many gurus and books have mentioned that you must break all your goals into smaller parts. Well, this is something that everyone has no issue with, since it’s just “paperwork” Grant Hill Jersey , writing on the paper with no real actions. In order to succeed, we must put in effort (actions!!), time and money towards achieving our goals. Breaking the BIG goal into smaller ones is the first step, the second step is to have the consistency to complete the mini goals daily. That’s where many individuals fail because of procrastinations. You may think that skipping a mini goal is no big deal, since the next day you can do TWO mini goals, but will you? Tomorrow there will be another excuse Shaquille O'Neal Jersey , another reason. And it will snowball, till many mini goals, and you just decide to give up altogether because it’s too difficult.

Focus – Say No to Temptations
Focus is a big issue. Nowadays there are so many distractions while working on the computer. You have Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, that will keep you engross for hours Vince Carter Jersey , and when you decide to go back to your work again, you lost the momentum to do the work you intended to. That’s mins, or hours lost. Personally, when I work on an article or project, I prefer to work without the Internet. I’ll just do a draft outline (very important since you need to know what you want exactly) of what I want to achieve, and then when I get connected to the Internet Dwight Howard Jersey , I just focus on getting the necessary work done. No alt-tabbing, no social networking, no chat, nothing, just focus and fish the work or the mini-goals.

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